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Bizoceanstar is a professional all-round wholesale clothing manufacturer from China, specialized in denim apparel, such as coats, jackets, jeans, shirts and dresses, etc., as well as workwear and professional clothing. We work to serve customers at our best with competitive prices and high-end quality!

We maintain the traditional technical experiences of over 20 years while seeking at the same time the technologies of artificial intelligence, as well as the development and utilization of modern machinery. Our manufactory is powered by a software platform which improve both cost-effectiveness and transparency. We have been working with customers all over the world and are always striving to produce the best quality apparel in the industry according ISO 9001.

Customers also have the option to personalize their products when ordering from Bizoceanstar. Own designs, logos, pictures, sketches, etc. can be realized at reasonable cost. Bizoceanstar is one of the few apparel manufacturers that works with various partners such as emerging designers, eco-fashion pioneers, startup brands, work studios, big brands, individual customization, from small batch to large scale manufacturing services and even sample development.

Apart from cutting and sewing, other services available to customers at Bizoceanstar include screen printing, embroidery, dye-sublimation, laser printing, diamond fixing, distressing impress, rivet with logo on and custom packaging.

With stable staff, advanced equipment’s and modern management, we believe in satisfying every customer from design to delivery. We are the best choice, if you are looking for a supplier of denim products or work clothing. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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